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February 9, 2023

Demo Thursday

presented by Humza Ahmad, Solutions Architect, Keysight Technologies

Leave manual testing behind and join us on Demo Thursday's to see how Eggplant's AI-powered test automation and digital twin modeling can help you reduce testing hours by up to 92%.


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The Future of Retail Technology, Part 1: 

Unlocking the Power of Mobile with Test Automation

presented by Natalie Berg, Retail Analyst, Author, and Founder at NBK Retail; Miya Knights

Retail Technology Magazine Publisher, Author, and Consultant; Jonathon Wright, Chief Technology Evangelist, Keysight Technologies; and Mike Wager, Product Marketing Manager (Host), Keysight Technologies

Mobile technology empowers retailers to connect with customers anywhere, anytime, with unique brand experiences. Watch our panel discussion to discover why retailers must embrace mobile technology to improve customer engagement now and in the future.

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Delivering Optimized Online Customer Experience

presented by Zeus Kerravala, Analyst, ZK Research and Autumn Ciliberto, Enterprise Account Director, Keysight Technologies

How does test automation drive a winning formula for your online customer experience? When 71% of consumers begin their financial services research online, ensuring your site is thoroughly tested is crucial. Learn how to adopt a more human-like test approach to achieve success.

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How Automation Can Enable Security by Design in DevSecOps

presented by Daniel Oates-Lee, Director/DevSecOps Evangelist, NATO Consultant , Punk Security and Jonathon Wright, Chief Technology Evangelist, Keysight Technologies

The US Department of Defense (DoD) will deliver enterprise-wide improvements in a number of key areas that align with the Software Modernization Strategy. Watch our webinar, now available on-demand, to hear two leading defense and software experts discuss what the DoD recommendations mean for the aerospace and defense sectors.

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